From the outset, the vision has been to take the “Money Types” global – so that our six teaching friends, the ‘Pharaoh’, ‘Magician’, ‘Joker’, Angel’, ‘Architect’ and ‘Prisoner’ can share their wisdom, inspiration and messages of hope.

It was with great delight then, that less than six months after taking the “Money Types” online, I received an invitation to speak at the ‘One Light Gathering’ in Auckland, New Zealand in 2018.

Since I was a child, I’ve loved symmetry and balance, and I find it pleasing that after being launched initially in the UK, the “Money Types” immediately chose to travel straight to the other side of the planet!

My early career in journalism has kept coming back to mind – and I feel as though I’m being gently nudged to share my global experience through the lens of money and the “Money Types” through a blog (print journalism morphs into digital journalism!).

In this blog, I – along with my lovely new (!) husband, Simon – will be sharing the thoughts, insights and learnings we have along the way. We’ll of course be sharing lots of pics and vides – and most importantly, we’ll be reporting back on what we learn from spending time in different cultures.

Indeed, as ‘Magicians’ ourselves, there’s nothing we love more than spotting opportunities, learning from fresh perspectives and thinking about how this new knowledge can be be applied to both our own and other people’s situations.

All of this new-found wisdom will be included in the blog. However, if you’re feeling that it’s time to take things to a deeper level for yourself, now you can, by joining my ‘Heart and Science of Money’ Academy. Here, along with a host of other benefits, you’ll be able to access the interviews we conduct with a variety of experts, all-round-fascinating-people and ‘wisdom-holders’ from around the world.

And of course, as a member, you’ll have immediate access to the additional innovative tools I’ll be creating as a result of all the new knowledge I gain from our globe trotting – which will all be tailored to help you become a ‘Money Superstar’!

NB The Heart and Science Academy launches in June 2018! Email me now if you’d like to become a member when we launch and I’ll gift you a one hour “Money Types” session with me, via Skype. (You can use that session to talk about your specific money situation – and we’ll use the “Money Types” profiling system to identify your strengths and gifts (and to see how your shadow may be playing out) Together, we’ll plan a strategy to help you build the future of your dreams!