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I’ve been told in the past that I offer ‘unconventional wisdom’ that delivers ‘proven results’ – and as a former journalist, one of my skills is knowing how to ask the right questions.

Having worked alongside many business owners and top executives (along with a few top sports people and celebrities along the way) I’ve developed a powerful coaching process that could be described as ‘intense’ but certainly delivers swift and lasting results.

Frankly, not everyone in the coaching arena agrees with my approach – but I truly believe that if the help you need requires many sessions over a long term, then it’s not viable (especially in this day and age).

The kind of people and businesses I work best with are those who are open-minded, enthusiastic and are ready to embrace change.

I know I’m not here to change the world – but I am here to work with those who are…

Drop me a line here and let’s have a chat to see if there’s a ‘fit’…

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