Money, from my point of view is such a taboo subject in our modern society. To me everyone seems to be fine in defining people by their material worth but when it comes to actually talking about money & what it really & truly means to them, now that’s a whole different story!

If you would have asked me just a couple of weeks ago how I felt about money my answer would have been completely different to right now. It’s funny how we can go through life absolutely believing that the way we view things is correct for us, until that is, someone or something completely magical comes along & just shines a little light….

A Redefining Of My Relationship With Money - Guest Post -

Snowdonia – my dream place to live, now set in the form of a clear goal thanks to my money types session with Olivia.

My Money Types Test

I love a quiz, so for me taking the Money Types Test was fun. Coming out as a very high Magician, with a high Joker, Angel & Architect in play does set me as quite an all-rounder.

I was pretty happy with my results & was pleased to see that my Pharaoh was coming in with a pretty low score too, I mean why would that part of me come out high anyway, I’m not at all materialistic. This kind of thinking however really linked with the way that I was viewing money & I have to be completely honest here when I say that I was looking at it in an odd kind of light.

My One 2 One

Going into my session with Olivia I had no real idea of what exactly we would cover but I suppose I did kind of think that we’d focus on all of the positives & strengths. Whilst of course we did cover these, we also went over to the dark side & that’s when things really did start to get interesting.

After some discussion things started to surface – It seemed that my Magician & Joker were more than happy whirring around having a ton of fun which always makes my angel pleased as generally when I’m having fun the people around me are too. My architect always has new projects to get her teeth sunk into (although I’ve realised I probably need to give her a break when she needs one) BUT my pharaoh was being booted out of the party on a daily basis & that’s what Olivia really brought to light.

Discovering My Pharaoh

I’m all for adventures & experiences & just want a simple life which is full of less “stuff”.  I currently have goals, projects & ideas but had no dots connecting them – like a missing  link of some sort.

Olivia chatted through where I was going some more & we started to set out some clear financial goals together. It appears as though my Pharoah was more important in connecting me with my dreams than I had initially thought.

Letting Things Be

Because I was running with such a high level of resistance to my Pharaoh I wasn’t really & truly letting things take their natural flow. By pushing this part of me away all I was really doing was causing a block between me & my goals, like a distorted kind of middle ground.

Through Olivia’s guidance I was able to see things with so much more clarity, things that were there all along but almost hiding away in the shadows.

Making Peace With My Pharaoh

As our session went on it became more & more apparent that I had been suppressing my Pharoah for far too long & along with that have been depriving myself of the one thing that will give me the freedom to live a life of adventure & simplicity – money!

The realisation of this was magical & after my session, I sat & cried, feeling utter joy & happiness at Olivia bringing this all to light.

The Next Steps

By joining all of those dots & letting my Pharoah join the party Olivia has inspired me to really take the leap & along with my partner extend our online business.

Our new venture will run alongside our travel blog that we currently run & we’re working the launch as we speak. Not only is this an extremely exciting time for me but I also now feel that I am entering into the next phase of my life more enlightened than I have ever been.

Pure Magic

For anyone thinking of taking the Money Types test & booking a session with Olivia all I can say is don’t hesitate.

For me this was not my first session with Olivia. I’ve had sessions with her previously & have been very fortunate to attend one of her speaking events. She has had such a profound effect on my life & has now worked her magic on the one thing that has probably stopped me from moving forward.

Taking the quiz & exploring all sides of my Money Types has truly redefined my relationship with money. Thanks to Olivia’s magical coaching I now have clear goals for the future & am very excited to see what it holds…..