Use this innovative tool to discover your attitude to money! Simply go through the 30 questions below and decide whether you “agree”, “neither agree nor disagree” or “disagree” with each statement. Your primary Money Type will be displayed when you have completed all 30 questions.

Being financially wealthy is the best form of security
People often describe me as “entrepreneurial”
You never know what’s around the corner, it’s important to live for “today”
People love spending time in my company because we always have a good time
Investing in myself and my personal development is a good use of money
People often admit to feeling sorry for me
I enjoy organising and catering for special events
There’s never enough money at the end of the month
I can often spot opportunities that others miss
I believe it’s important to continue my education throughout my whole life
I am worried about what will happen when I get old
I’m comfortable shopping for non-essential items on my credit card
Looking after my family and friends is my priority
Ever since I was young, I’ve been a “saver”
I see other people succeed and feel a little jealous that I don’t share their luck
Whatever I do, I never seem to make any progress financially
I believe that success is the outcome of having clear goals
People say that I have great empathic skills and am very caring
I’d rather spend my money on other people, as I like making them happy
Socialising with my friends and family is extremely important to me
I want to be wealthier than the previous generation in my family
I want future generations to appreciate my success
I know I can rely on myself to create what I need and want in life
People admire me because of what I’m worth in material terms
I measure my happiness through my material success
Sometimes I find myself wondering when it’s going to be “my turn” to get what I want
People describe me as a “Steady Eddy” rather than as a “Flash Harry”
Whenever money comes my way, I often find a big bill comes in soon after
While I appreciate beauty, I believe that “function” is even more important than “form”
I like having a detailed plan for achieving what I want