Have you ever wondered what story you’re ‘running’ about money – and why the same frustrating patterns seem to keep repeating in your life, whether those patterns are related to money itself, your career, your business, your earning potential or even your relationships? Can’t wait to find out what Money wants to say to you?

Click on the button below and answer the 30 simple questions as best as you can – and by return, you’ll discover your unique ‘Money Types’ combination AND you’ll receive a special in-depth free report, which will reveal how you can you can maximise your specific gifts and talents to start re-writing your your money story immediately!

Meet the Money Types
The Money Types Are a Powerful Tool…

“The ‘Money Types’ help me to understand my clients quickly and easily. Clients love them too, because they’re fun. While many people in my profession often dismiss Emotional Intelligence as a ‘soft skill’, in the last year alone, we’ve grown income by 33%. In my opinion, Olivia’s ‘Money Types’ follow on from Carl Jung’s original psychological archetypes. They’re a powerful tool for self-awareness and I think he’d have approved.”

Simon Yates

Certified Financial Planner Managing Director , Enlightened Money

I feel more in control of my own destiny and money…


Olivia has heart and soul which is filled with inspiration, emotional intelligence and compassion – all bound with a wonderful sense of humour which she uses to guide you through virtually anything.

Our session was my ‘Hour of Power’. Olivia gave me tools so I am no longer a people pleaser. Going through the session has helped me rediscover what makes me happy, so I can live a simpler, more meaningful prosperous life.

I believe everyone should have a ‘Money Types Coaching Session’. I feel a lot more in control of my own destiny and inflows of money.

Lynn Pates

Charities Investment Consultant, LKP Consultants, Liverpool, UK.

Olivia gave us a whole new perspective…


After having our joint ‘Money Types’ coaching session with Olivia on ZOOM, me and my husband were just amazed.

The way Olivia revealed how we both think, act, feel and behave was phenomenal – my husband said that it was as though she’s been living with us!

Using the six ‘Money Types’ to help us understand ourselves and each other, Olivia gave us a whole new perspective – particularly with to how to use each other’s skills better to create mutual success and earn more money in both our businesses.

Thanks Olivia!

Nada & Khaled Anwar

Cairo, Egypt.