What if we all have an inner ‘blueprint’ about how the world could be – how OUR world could be – and yet we find ourselves frustrated that we haven’t yet worked out how to make it a reality?

By tapping into my unique and intriguing ‘Money Types’ emotional profiling system, you’ll get to understand yourself and other people more quickly than ever before.

Understand your primary ‘Money Type’ and you’ll have a sense of what makes you tick.


Ready to go deeper? 

Simply sign up for your special FREE report – which is personalised to your primary ‘Money Type’ and is packed full of helpful information – and you’ll soon be on your way to maximising your own specific gifts and talents.

But perhaps even more importantly…

Your comprehensive report will also reveal your shadow side – the part that gets in your way, holds you back and which can be both frustrating and even dangerous.


Intriguing, fun and easy-to-digest, the ‘Money Types’ emotional profiling system creates a swift, common language of communication and understanding and has already been used to help:

  • Leaders create effective strategies for themselves and their marketplace
  • Teams work more effectively in the workplace
  • Couples stop fighting about money, leaving them with a more aligned and happier relationship
  • Families reduce conflict between the generations and foster greater understanding
  • Individuals improve their confidence, happiness and popularity

And finally, while the ‘Money Types’ emotional profiling system is a compelling body of work that uses the medium of money to help us understand ourselves and others more easily than ever before, curiously, those who’ve applied its wisdom to their own situations often go on to report a healthier relationship with Money itself, irrespective of how much money they actually have in the bank!

Meet the ‘Money Types’
The ‘Money Types’ are a powerful tool…

In my opinion, Olivia’s ‘Money Types’ follow on from Carl Jung’s original psychological archetypes. They’re a powerful tool for self-awareness and I think he’d have approved.

Simon Yates

Managing Director, Enlightened Money, Cheshire, UK.

“The Money Types Guidebook”!

“Olivia has always had an intuitive gift for identifying and resolving the problems that have stopped individuals and teams from achieving their full potential. But it’s the introduction of her remarkable ‘Money Types’ system that’s going to take things to a whole new – world class – level.

– Geoff Holt MBE DL, author of “Walking on Water”

“Olivia’s insights are nothing short of breathtaking.”

Noel Guilford, author of “How to Build a Successful Business”

I feel more in control of my own destiny and money…

“Olivia has heart and soul which is filled with inspiration, emotional intelligence and compassion – all bound with a wonderful sense of humour, which she uses to guide you through virtually anything. I’ve recommended her as a speaker to a number of my corporate clients – and they’ve all reported back that the events were a great success. On a personal note, Olivia has given me tools to help me stop being a ‘people pleaser’, and I now feel a lot more in control of my own destiny and inflows of money. Indeed, I’ve rediscovered what makes me happy, so I can live a simpler, more meaningful prosperous life.”

Lynn Pates

Charities Investment Consultant, LKP Consultants, Liverpool, UK.

Olivia gave us a whole new perspective…


“After having our joint ‘Money Types’ coaching session with Olivia on ZOOM, me and my husband were just amazed.

The way Olivia revealed how we both think, act, feel and behave was phenomenal – my husband said that it was as though she’s been living with us!

Using the six ‘Money Types’ to help us understand ourselves and each other, Olivia gave us a whole new perspective – particularly with how to use each other’s skills better to create mutual success and earn more money in both our businesses.

Thanks Olivia!”

Nada & Khaled Anwar

Cairo, Egypt.

“Olivia is intuitive, inspirational and basically a genius. She has taught me about my relationship with money, and has blown my mind with how powerful this can be when you understand and use it appropriately.”

Sarah Rugg

Founder of ViVa Business and Lifestyle Ltd, Chester, UK.

“As an experienced coach who sometimes needs coaching, I have been bowled over by Olivia’s approach. She has the knack of asking excellent questions, of kindly and humorously keeping me on track while also encouraging me to think big. At the same time she is full of ideas which are specific to my own needs, and she’s not afraid to give them away.” 

Pippa Adamson

Advanced Lightning Process Practitioner and Change Coach, Bristol, UK.

“Olivia has created a smart, accessible system that unpacks beliefs, values and behaviours, centred around our relationship with money and the impact it has on all of us. Insightful wisdom that elucidates the modern and complex world of Money Types.”

Kala Flynn

Author of “The Power of Human Energy”

“Olivia is one of the most inspirational people you could ever get around.”

Rob Brown

TEDx Speaker and author of “Build Your Reputation”