Have you ever wondered what story you’re ‘running’ about money – and why the same frustrating patterns seem to keep repeating in your life, whether those patterns are related to money itself, your career, your business, your earning potential or even your relationships? Can’t wait to find out what money wants to say to you? Click on the button above, answer the 30 simple questions as best as you can – and by return, you’ll receive a FREE in-depth report, personalised to your specific Money Type. Packed with useful information, your special report will reveal how you can maximise your particular gifts and talents – and just as importantly, you’ll also find out how to avoid the traps and patterns that may well have been tripping you up in the past… Discover Your Money Type Now!

The Money Types Are a Powerful Tool for Self Awareness…

“The Money Types help me to understand my clients quickly and easily. Clients love them too, because they’re fun. In my opinion, Olivia’s Money Types follow on from Carl Jung’s original psychological archetypes. They’re a powerful tool for self-awareness and I think he’d have approved.”

Simon Yates

Certified Financial Planner
Managing Director, Enlightened Money

“I believe that money is one of the greatest
teaching tools of the Universe.”

“I believe that money is one of the greatest teaching tools we have…”"

I’ve been on the fringes of the world of finance for nearly three decades – initially as a financial journalist and subsequently as an executive coach and leadership trainer.

Working with some of the profession’s biggest institutions – from a couple of high street banks through to MBNA and what was then Skandia and Norwich Union – I’ve come to see why some people succeed while others fall by the wayside.

Intriguingly, I’ve found the same patterns repeat within smaller organisations too – whether I’ve been coaching directors on the most powerful ways to grow their business (and make them sustainable in the long term) or helping identify and develop candidates when it comes to succession planning.

Money is a medium for life – and when we begin to understand our emotional relationship with money, everything else in life suddenly starts to make sense too. But until now, it’s not been easy to uncover our own deeply held hidden beliefs, drives and attitudes.

As an author, speaker and coach I’m determined to change all that.

To that end, several years ago I created a unique profiling tool – based on what money has to teach us about ourselves at an emotional and psychological level. I’ve been busy ever since successfully using and proving the ‘Money Types’ profiling system with both my business and private-practice clients.

The ‘Money Types’ creates a fast, effective and fun language which facilitates an understanding of ourselves and others without having to go through years of ‘soft skills’ training. Additionally, my work with countless people around the world has also helped me identify the nine key ‘Money Stories’ which, until we learn to transcend them, keep us trapped in a repeating cycle of negativity.

Money has the power to reveal our unique gifts, together with our hidden shadows…"

Maybe unsurprisingly in hindsight, I’ve also had my own struggles with money over the years. Hell, I very nearly went bankrupt in the credit crunch and humiliatingly found myself in court pleading to keep my home. I’m still playing catch up from those tough times – but now, I’m grateful for them. Indeed I’ve integrated those hard-won experiences with my studies over the last couple of decades into a combination of western and eastern modalities. As well as learning alongside a number of psychologists to gain a qualification in Emotional Intelligence assessment for both individuals and teams, I also hold certificates in Counselling, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy.

Finally, in my first book, “Be Your Own Guru – personal and business enlightenment in just 3 days!”, I share the story of a pilot project I ran with a high street bank in which my decidedly unusual approach helped the organisation’s sales team to improve their profits by a massive 330% in just nine months (and absenteeism levels reduced!) I’m currently working on my second book, in which I’ll be sharing the wisdom of the ‘Money Types’ and the ‘Money Stories’ with a wider world.

It may have taken a while, but I’ve come to realise that Money never was my enemy. On the contrary, it’s been my teacher." "

Get To Know Your Tribe With The Money Types...

While Jungian Archetypes reflect our humanness, what if there were equally compelling archetypes that could reveal our attitudes and beliefs around money?

While I originally created the ‘Money Types’ profiling system to help individuals understand themselves and their attitudes to money in a fun and memorable way, a number of organisations have since seen how it can help them too.

Some use the system to get the right people into the right jobs, while others – in combination with the powerful leadership, team and business development tools I’ve developed over the past decade or so – use the ‘Money Types’ to increase employee motivation and engagement.

And of course, what we apply to ourselves and our business teams also applies to everyone in the marketplace too. So, if you want to connect with your ‘tribe’ in a way that truly speaks their language, you’ll find the ‘Money Types’ invaluable.

Stop Your Past From Sabotaging Your Future…

Money is a medium – and when you discover what ‘Money Type’ you are, you’ll immediately have a deeper understanding of your approach to everything in life. (Hint: it’s not really about the money!) Understanding your unique gifts – and how to share them with the world is exhilarating – equally, it’s helpful to know how to avoid making costly mistakes. But sometimes we need help at a deeper level. In my private ‘Olivia Confidential’ practice (so named because my clients include business leaders, celebrities and sports personalities about whom I can of course, never breathe a word!) I developed a powerful emotional healing process that worked fast – often in just a single session.


Because the people I was seeing didn’t want to get ‘stuck in therapy’ but instead needed a swift, effective intervention. It’s a different approach to some coaches and therapists – but after many testimonials and recommendations, I remain unapologetic!

Taking the Money Types Around the World

It’s The Book They 
Say They Just 
Can’t Put Down!

Read my book, ‘Be Your Own Guru – personal and business enlightenment in just 3 days!’, to discover how a team of high street bank business managers improved their sales results by a massive 330% in just nine months. I have to confess that I was bowled over when my commissioning editor praised the book as a ‘good read’ (he loved the combination of the true story that runs alongside the apply-it-to-your-own-situation chapters)!

The book goes way beyond the standard coaching fare of goals, action plans and time management – and introduces a heady mix of emotional and spiritual wisdom – the key ingredients, I believe, to both personal and business success. Published in both the UK and India, the book has also been translated into Arabic, Polish and Simple Chinese.

“Money and I are now on friendly terms. Indeed, on occasion, it seemingly speaks through me to help others…”

Olivia changes lives…

“Olivia changes lives. When things fall ‘butter side down’, she helps turn your life ‘butter side up’ again.” James Middleton

Client Manager, Corporate Accountancy Solutions, Macclesfield, UK

Olivia is one of my favourite people: perceptive, funny, focused and above all results driven…

Her training programmes are unique and aimed at getting the best from people because she understands what drives them (and holds them back). These are rare skills from someone who also makes time pass and you didn’t notice. I would unreservedly recommend Olivia to any organisation wanting to improve the performance of its people. Noel Guilford

Former National Chairman FPB and Partner, Guilford Consulting

“Great coaches and consultants work from a place way beyond their qualifications – and the results they create define their abilities.”

My session with Olivia was the most fantastic and enlightening experience in my life

Now I can finally say that I feel peace within myself. She has been sent to this earth to help people. Christine Holman

Cheshire UK

I really enjoyed our session

It’s highlighted some great development areas – ones I can actually do something about quite simply!

I really liked your suggested solutions to some of the more sticky areas and I particularly appreciated the way you used the profile questions to help examine whether the differences between my perception and reality were a result of a “snap-shot in time” or genuine “non-awareness”.

I found the idea of taking a couple of hours “out” much more useful than having several smaller sessions. It was fantastic to devote a period of time to examining these issues in some depth – if we’d done it over a number of bite-sized sessions we’d have lost the continuity.” Sam Dounis

Senior Consultant, Corporate Learning & Development, Bank of Scotland

“The process of alchemy is to turn emotional lead
into gold.”

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