Read my book, ‘Be Your Own Guru – personal and business enlightenment in just 3 days!’, to discover how a team of high street bank business managers improved their sales results by a massive 330% in just nine months. I have to confess that I was bowled over when my commissioning editor praised the book as a ‘good read’ (he loved the combination of the true story that runs alongside the apply-it-to-your-own-situation chapters)!

The book goes way beyond the standard coaching fare of goals, action plans and time management – and introduces a heady mix of emotional and spiritual wisdom – the key ingredients, I believe, to both personal and business success. Published in both the UK and India, the book has also been translated into Arabic, Polish and Simple Chinese.

Putting the Theory Into Practice

Of all the self-help books out there, and let’s face it, there are plenty of them, Be Your Own Guru quite literally rises above the rest. The clever use of citing examples and applying them to actual scenarios in everyday life made BYOG not only an interesting read, but life changing too. Let’s face it, it is ourselves and the way we perceive ourselves within the context of everything around us which gives us the energy and resources to determine our destiny – whether we recognise that and use it is down to us. BYOG certainly taught me how to best use those resources to my benefit and that positive outlook and approach guided me through the most amazing Personal Everest, an event so overflowing with positive energy that it inspired others. Thanks for such a great book.

– Geoff Holt

An Outstanding Book for the Modern Era

By gaining permission to share the results from an extremely successful case study, Olivia has gathered and revealed many solid solutions to the question that millions of us ask ourselves every day.

Namely, are we giving our time to the right company?, or…indeed, are we actually ’embedded’ in the right job? The client [Bank] concerned obviously gained tremendously from her research over the subsequent financial quarters (+330%), but for me, the real winners in the book were the individual participants concerned. As conveyed by their summaries, they now know, and will hopefully share with their many colleagues, the questions we should ALL be asking ourselves, and not necessarily other ‘gurus’. Only through answering these questions, can we really enjoy both the work and domestic spaces we tend to spend the majority of our lives in. ‘Isn’t Life Too Short To Be A Dress Rehearsal?’. This book confirms the answer. An excellent roadmap to the future.

– Paul Mckie


Changing Your Life Made Simple

I have read a few self help books, but this one stands out from the crowd. The author writes in such a warm and down to earth way, I could hardly put it down. Olivia is a former journalist and combines her skills and talents as an executive coach with her deep understanding and experience of metaphysics and spiritual practices to bridge the gap between these sometimes opposing elements. This is a book packed with real life studies and practical tools that work. It changed my life in three days and I learnt how manifesting what you want begins by changing your thinking. Of course, I chose a New Moon to begin my first experiment and found that I had achieved my first goal in days rather than months!

“Be Your Own Guru’ explains the importance of letting go of the past, forgiveness, dealing with negative emotions and allowing your own inner processes to tap into the creativity that we all have within us, but sometimes seems out of reach. The book alternates between a typical corporate training seminar, set over three days (and with measurable results to prove the fantastic results!) and the theory behind why Olivia’s techniques work. She demonstrates how personal effectiveness and joy expand into our entire lives, influencing everything from out personal relationships to our business decisions. I love the way Olivia instinctively understands how people really are, and offers a loving and positive way to turn your life around. Whether you are already successful or simply wondering how to deal with challenges in life, this is a book that guides you exactly where you need to be. I know I shall be dipping into it again and again.

– Mrs A G Burton